Getting started on the WAX blockchain

Create a Wallet

On the Wax blockchain your wallet is the tool that's used to verify your ownership and sign transactions. You can manage your assets right in the wallet, or use it to access 3rd party tools like the MetaForce Comics website. Once your wallet it created, you will have access to the many things the blockchain has to offer.

There are 3 main wallets that you can use on WAX. Any of them will do most of what you want. If this is your first time on a blockchain, or your first time using WAX, the WAX Cloud Wallet is a great way to start.

Another great option is Wombat wallet. Though still easy to use and a reasonable choice for beginers, it does offer some more advanced selections for those who seek that option. It also allows for cross-chain function with EOS, Ethereum and most EVM chains.

If you have grown beyond managed wallets, or you are comfortable with blockchain wallets and want to manage your wallet security yourself, you can use Anchor Wallet. Anchor is the best option for those who want full access to account security, KEYs, and hardware wallet integration.

For step-by-step guides on how to set up these wallets, please check out our tutorial which can be found at this link. Beginners Guide to WAX

Wax Cloud Wallet

Beginner level,
Great for gaming,
easiest to create and use.


Wombat Wallet

Intermediate level,
multi-chain functionality,
20 free transactions.

Anchor Wallet

Advanced level,
private & secure,
best for developers.


Marketplaces, and Collector & Creator Tools

A marketplace is a website where you can browse, buy and sell NFTs on the WAX blockchain. There are many marketplaces on chain and they each have their own distinct advantages and disadvantages. With any of them, you will go to the website and sign in with your wallet. You can then perform actions like buying, selling and trading.

Many marketplaces also provide a number of collector tools including options for NFT staking and farming, proposing trades, transferring NFTs and browsing collection analytics. If you are a creator these sites will all offer tools that can help you make you mark on the WAX blockchain. Each of the sites has their own specialties, so make sure to check them out and find the one that fits.


Largest marketplace,
great sorting,
easy interface.


Great if you know what you are looking for,
and great for creators.

NFT Hive

Best for making bulk actions.

Chain Champs

Fastest market updates,
live listings and the home for PFPs on WAX


The best site for small projects to have a complete economy.

Browse a Decentralized Exchange

A decentralized exchange (DEX) is a non-custodial service where you can trade cryptocurrencies. Decentralized exchanges typically run a large part of their software "on-chain". This means rather than signing up for an account you will log into the website with your WAX wallet and participate in trades or swaps based on their interface. Not all DEX will have the same "depth" in their swaps, so you may want to check more than one to make sure you are getting the best price.


Coming Summer 2022


Only DEX on WAX with limit markets.


DEX rewards and simplest interface.

Browse a Centralized Exchange

A centralized exchange (CEX) is a custodial service where you deposit your fiat (government issued) currency or cryptocurrency to trade for other types of currencies. They often have more advanced trading features then decentralized exchanges and can have more liquidity for larger trades. Many centralized exchanges have to adhere to local and national laws. Because of this not every exchange is available to every person. There are also too many to list here effectively and the list might change regularly. Because of this we suggest using CoinGecko to search through all the exchanges that list WAX and choose the one that is right for you.

Coin Gecko

World's largest independent cryptocurrency data aggregator.


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